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hacker news link | site us california figures
I don't know where you work or where you live or how much you make. I can't possibly fashion a response specifically for you.Rent control, minimum wage are duct tape solutions that don't work in the l...
show context + On: Rent control is keeping rents high in San Francisco
hacker news link | site us study
Also not the study, but the results would be in line with another study I know about from the book "The Righteous Mind":"... we tested how well liberals and conservatives could understa...
show context + On: Journalists' Twitter use shows them talking within smaller b
hacker news link | site us figures
Whelp... I'm 0/2 for my senators. Here is my letter BTW, feel free to copy it and use it to get in contact with your reps. Look up their votes here [1].Dear Representative $NAY_VOTER,I'm writing you...
show context + On: Senate narrowly rejects plan to require a warrant for Americ