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hacker news link | site world table
Is this true? It seems like Canadians drive less than Americans do, which I'm guessing is because Canadians live and drive in higher-density environments where they can make shorter trips and kill few...
show context + On: Why is life expectancy in the US lower than in other rich co
hacker news link | site england table
I expect TfL's "Tube departure boards, line status and station status"[0] feed would suffice. It's updated every 30 seconds. Plenty more data available too.[0]:
show context + On: London tube map made from a working circuit board
An estimate last year claimed Tesla's costs were ~$160/kWh[1]. This article suggests by end of next year, <$100/kWh. In percentage terms that's a big improvement, but even going by last year's estim...
show context + On: Tesla's readying a 'million mile' battery that could greatly
hacker news link | site china figures
This article is pretty low quality. The claim that the new million mile battery technology is coming to the China Model 3 first is not supported by a source and contrary to what people who follow thi...
show context + On: Tesla's readying a 'million mile' battery that could greatly
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